COMING SOON TO OURCONIC! Decollete Diva’s skincare journey began in high school. The interest came from being on the tennis team. While playing there was athletic acne related to perspiration. Without properly cleansing the skin after pratice and or a match caused sweat and or oil buildup in the pores. The personal mission was to seek a solution. Once options were discovered the next natural choice was to share with teammates and beyond. Greater knowledge was gained while attending modeling school. ?

In 2007, Decollete Diva became a licensed aesthetician with the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. Addtionally, Barbicide certified for sterilization and sanititation procedures to ensure saftey for all. With a love for skincare it is my pleasure to guide you to a radiant glow. All facial guests will receive customized pampering. ? #skincare #facials #womenshealth #ourconic

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